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Joy for the Journey

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Joy for the Journey

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Life is a journey, not a DESTINATION

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

This “Joy For the Journey” coaching program is about Hope, Transformation, and Healing…and is specifically designed for women who have experienced the pain and trauma from divorce…whether that’s newly divorced, divorced for many years, divorced with children, divorced without children, divorced in ministry, or divorced outside of ministry. Joy has been on her own personal healing journey, and now she wants to share what she has learned with other women, helping them navigate from transition to transformation. 

There is LIFE after divorce…and it can be a very beautiful and successful one…full of Peace and Joy

You’ve come to the right place if...


You need help but don’t know who you can trust 



You need to talk to someone who has been in your shoes, then you’ve come to the right place. 


You feel stuck…paralyzed from the pain and devastation of your divorce. 

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You need strategies and resources to help you get your life back on track. 


You want to live a more successful and fulfilling life. 



Joy for the Journey

1-on-1 Coaching


  • Private coaching sessions with Joy

  • 6 session minimum 

  • Tailor-Made strategies and tools to reach personal goals

  • FREE Access to the J4J “INNER CIRCLE” weekly group sessions

  • Payment plans available 

Joy for the Journey

Inner Circle


  • Monthly membership

  • Live Group Coaching with Joy
    via zoom

  • 3 Saturdays a month

  • Access to the Private J4J
    “Inner Circle FB page

Meet your

Joy knows what it’s like to go from brokenness to complete wholeness. You may know her as a singer, a preacher, and the former First Lady of a prominent church in Denver. But Joy is no stranger to trauma. After experiencing a very public and painful divorce from a 25-year marriage, she had to pick up the shattered pieces of her life. And because God’s PURPOSE for her life was much greater than her PAIN, she was determined not to get stuck…but to do whatever she had to do in order to heal. She did the work…she took the necessary steps to get her life back on track, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and financially…and she is now coaching other women how to do the same…by giving them many of the tools and strategies that she used to heal. 

Joy’s passion is to help women. Her Joy For the Journey coaching program is for women who are divorced…newly divorced, divorced for many years, divorced with children, divorced without children, divorced in and out of ministry…DIVORCED. She wants women to know that there is life after divorce…and that it can be a very beautiful, successful, and fulfilling one. 

What are people saying about the J4J Program



I cannot put into words how much the Joy for the Journey Coaching Program has impacted my life! Over the course 6 weeks,  I can honestly say that my experience was TRANSFORMATIVE!! I was given so many wonderful tools to implement into my life, and I learned to identify some things that I had suppressed for many years.  


I met some great women and we have formed a group where we all encourage one another on a daily basis! When I started this program, I really didn't have a community of supporters, but now I have gained meaningful relationships that I pray will last for years and years to come! 


As I continue to embark on this new JOURNEY, I will never forget the love, encouragement, prayers, and support that I received!



The J4J mentoring program was very beneficial to my path to wholeness, and it has given me the clarity and understanding to move forward.  It was also great to connect with other ladies with empathy, and to hear the testimonies of their growth process.  We can now support one another on our new journey of life. 


D. B. 

This woman is not your average divorce coach. The Joy for the Journey program was amazing for the honesty and transparency.  The direct one-on- one help that Joy provided herself was invaluable.  Hearing her share her story, her journey to 'joy' if you will, and seeing the results -- her smile, her peace, her joyful demeanor -- made me trust the advice and the process completely.  Joy is operating in her gift.



The J4J program allowed me to see that I am not alone on this journey.  I learned not to be embarrassed by my experiences, to keep moving forward and to set goals & execute them.  Most importantly, I know that I don’t have to be stuck anymore and that I can live my best life while going through a divorce and even afterwards. 


Joy is an advocate for all women.  Women who have experienced loss through divorce can expect a shift in their thinking. Expect a paradigm shift in your life as you journey with Joy.  



Joy is an advocate for all women.  Women who have experienced loss through divorce can expect a shift in their thinking. Expect a paradigm shift in your life as you journey with Joy.



The J4J Mentorship & Coaching program has settled areas in my life that were unsettled! I've gained tools that will help me in every area of my life! I feel empowered and blessed! I have found JOY while embracing my new JOURNEY!



I just want to let everyone know how wonderful this program was for me. I needed this program so much while I was going through and dealing with the reality that my marriage was over. For those that sign up for the Joy for the Journey program, you will be in very good hands with Pastor Joy. It was  very comforting and reassuring to talk to someone who has also been through a divorce themselves, and who can still show you that better days will and are coming. I also loved the group sessions with my J4J sisters. We have created such a sisterhood. God answered my prayers



The Joy For the Journey mentoring program has given me the tools I have desperately needed in order to heal, and it also has given me a sisterhood that I will forever be grateful for.



This program has been amazing and I’m so glad I was chosen to be a part of it. I also just want to thank you for saying that my voice and my story matters.  Also, without this program, I know that I would have never had the opportunity to meet some of the amazing women in my group....they were awesome!


Joy showed me what it’s like to be a woman of resilience, strength, and courage…just by sharing her story and her encouragement during this program.  I pray that more women will be able to experience this program because it will definitely minister to those who are going through the pain of divorce.  


Joy is a JOY, and a beautiful, stylish, funny, and an all-around great person.  I am glad that I have her for a coach for life!

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